Revisit the organization selected within the Week 2 assignment. Focus on the performance issues that could be resolved through effective training. Describe your suggestions for using the most effective training that is available to answer the unique performance issues of your selected organization. Using the aforementioned “Guidelines for Writing Papers”, write a 3-5 academic paper that describes your suggestions for a viable training and performance improvement plan. Include a minimum of two credible references that were used in your research.

Guidelines for Writing Papers

Your papers should be:

  • word-processed using Microsoft’s Word (extension .doc or .docx)
  • double-spaced

Your papers should have:

  • one-inch margins
  • a font size of 12
  • a cover page that includes your paper’s title, your name, the date, and the course identification
  • an introduction that states the purpose of the paper, and provides a roadmap of the paper’s contents
  • paragraphs that develop and support your ideas
  • section titles or headings, that help to organize your presentation
  • a conclusion that summarizes the paper
  • a logical flow
  • smooth transitions between ideas
  • in-text citations and a reference (bibliography) page using APA style (no footnotes)

No grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors