Organizational behavior is a field that draws heavily on the disciplines of psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics and political science. Using at least three specific scriptures to support your assertions, provide one or more unique perspectives that a biblical worldview would contribute to the field of organizational behavior and management. In other words, tell how a Christian or biblically-based worldview will cause one to think of management and OB differently from someone without these bases. 



Locate Exercise 3.1 at the end of Chapter 3 in our text. Take the evaluation and summarize your results. After summarizing your results, discuss the following questions, taking care to utilize text concepts in your discussion.

  • Were any of the results surprising to you?
  • What are the implications of the results as you will be managing others, either now or in the future? How will these results influence how you may manage others?
  • Were the results in areas of concern to you? How can you intentionally develop or improve the areas that may be of concern?
  • How does this exercise influence your understanding of emotional intelligence? How may it help you become a better manager of yourself or others?
  • 250words

writing 1


  • Using Psalm 19:7-14, write a 500-word response on how the Bible guides us in the area of organizational behavior. Provide and explain relevant workplace examples. 

writing 2


  • Review the text section regarding diversity and the video on diversity vs. differences.
  • Regarding the organization with which you are familiar, describe any identifiable signs of diversity that you see, identifying multiple forms of diversity (if multiple forms exist).
  • Describe efforts made by the organization to achieve diversity, and evaluate whether the organization is truly diverse or just has differences.
  • Minimum of 500 words, 2 peer-reviewed or trade journal source in addition to your text. APA-compliant