You will create a draft of the next component of your Assessment of Learning Plan—a description of the ways in which you will involve stakeholders in the assessment plan and how you can create an institutional culture that supports assessment.

  • question: Develop a plan for stakeholder involvement and strategize how you will create a culture of assessment.

Stakeholders are individuals or groups who should be involved in some way in the assessment process, whether they contribute to the planning and development or implementation of the assessment effort or whether they will only be informed of the results. For example, faculty are stakeholders who are often involved in creating learning outcomes, as well as assessing student learning. Likewise, deans and directors are often involved in assessment processes, leading, coordinating, and/or funding the implementation of the assessment process. Perhaps the most important stakeholders are students/trainees themselves, who have the highest stakes in whether their learning experiences are effective. Therefore, involving students at some stage of the assessment process can also be very valuable. Pay particular attention to Braskamp and Engberg’s list of 10 steps for involving stakeholders throughout the assessment process (p. 2), as well as their section “Assessment Is Telling a Story” on page 3. Question:After completing the readings attached, consider how you will involve stakeholders in the assessment process and how you will create a culture that supports assessment. Identify the stakeholders that should be involved in your plan to assess student learning, including both internal and external stakeholders, as well as your institution’s accrediting organization (if applicable). Referencing the literature, provide an explanation for why you selected each of the stakeholder groups, as well as how they will be involved in the process. Discuss how stakeholder involvement can help create a culture that supports assessment efforts, as well as other strategies you will use to create a culture of assessment. (You may wish to refer back to Unit 3 attached and build on your discussion regarding how to engage faculty and staff in the assessment process). Please note: Include only information that pertains to stakeholders’ involvement in assessment of learning; do not focus on their involvement in the teaching process.