In attached document you will find two research options but please choose the research paper in below options:

Select one or more of the following topics

1. How Analytics is used in Information Security Risk Management 

2. Information Security Risk Management in the IT Data Centers

Paper Sections

The following sections should be outlined as Headers in the paper. 

1. Introduction, thesis statement, overview, purpose
2. Background, discuss history of topic
3. Discussion, identify benefits, obstacles, innovations
4. Conclusion, summarize the overall study, lessons learned
5. References, minimum three references with citations in the body

Once the paper is completed, add an Overview to the Introduction of the paper. The Overview must contain at least one Hypothesis and a Synopsis of what is contained in the paper. For this paper, a Hypothesis is a statement you believe to be true based on the research you conducted. As an example: “Small businesses are less likely to conduct a thorough risk assessment”.

Using either or both of the topics above, write a research paper which includes between 5 and 10 References/Cited-Works (a majority dated 2015 or newer) of which 2 must be Peer-Reviewed. Highlight the Peer-Reviewed works (in Yellow) on the Reference/Works-Cited last page.

The quality and thoroughness of the paper, as defined in the rubric, will determine the grade assigned. Papers containing the minimum number of references and/or minimum number of pages will most likely not earn a high grade.


1. I need power point presentation as well for this assignment so please make sure to prepare after you have done research paper.

2. Research paper should have 12 pages of content which includes all paper sections and maintain proper APA Format.

3. please make sure to complete this assignment should not have plagiarism.

In attached document you will find more details.