Topic: Reduce asthma deaths — RD‑01,

– 7 peer-reviewed published scientific articles within the prior 15 years, with at least 3 of these studies published within the prior 5 years that are analytic (causal designs) about a specific environmental population health problem or issue, using the matrix method for performing a literature review.

– write a 1-2 paragraph, a brief narrative synthesis of the findings. Primary studies will be entered into the provided matrix document and dissected according to major components of scientific research

– The following criteria are required: I. Basic literature search information (10 points): 1. A statement of the exact Environmental Health problem or issue in a specific population that was searched in the literature review. II. Matrix Tables (45 points): 1.Matrixes must contain a minimum of seven column headings, with the following titles and information: a “references” column that contains a reference for each study including the Author (s) name, article title, journal name, volume and page numbers; (2) a column containing the year of article publication listed by the oldest published studies first; (3) a column containing the type of study design; (4); a column containing the recruitment process with the final number enrolled; (5) a column containing the major statistical results; (6) a column containing study limitations, (i.e., potential sources of bias); and (7) a column containing implications for population health (See matrix template for assignment usage)

– The matrix will be accompanied by an approximate 250 word or 1-2 paragraph, a written summary that will discuss the major collective findings across the literature that were dissected and synthesized through your literature review using the Matrix as a tool.

– Example of this matrix method by another student is in the link down below along with the matrix template.