Week 2 Discussion Question

During this course, you will develop a campaign plan to market a product or service. In Assignment 1, you will write a brief proposal for the campaign. In Assignment 2, you will develop a slide deck to present the campaign proposal to the executive team. 

This week’s discussion helps you prepare for Assignment 1. You will select your company, indicate your chosen product or service, and explore its core function and key features. 

To get started, follow the directions below: 

  • Before writing your discussion post, read the Assignment 1 Instructions Click for more options .
  • Write your discussion post by responding to the prompts      below:
    • Choose the company or organization for your marketing       campaign
      • You may select the company you currently work        for (recommended), a company you used to work for, a        non-profit organization, or a Fortune 500 company
    • Indicate your idea for a product or service that will be the       focus of your marketing campaign
    • Briefly describe your product or service in basic terms:
      • What is the core problem that the product or service        solves?
      • What are 2 or 3 key features of the product or        service? 
    • How does the product or service you chose align with       the story and brand of the overall company?
    • What challenges or risks could you face in a campaign to       promote this product or service? 

Learning Journal

Your Worldview

In All Marketers are Liars, Godin discusses the effect of a customer’s worldview on their reaction to products and services, as well as its impact on their purchasing decisions and recommendations to friends and family. Consider how Godin’s ideas apply to you, by responding to the questions below:

  • In general, what values, beliefs, and biases do you think      that you bring to your purchasing decisions?
  • Describe a specific purchase that you made and explain      how your values or beliefs affected your choice of product or service in      this case
  • Give an example where you recommended a product or service to      your family or friends or warned them against one. Do you think this      interaction reflected your shared values or beliefs?