Posted: March 6th, 2021

Write discussion essay in sociology at least 500 words and write



first, please read the prompt and discussion question before read a reading and write discussion, and follow it. (i uploaded it)


second, read a readingBODY RITUAL AMONG THE NACIREMA “(4pages) (i uploaded it)


Third, write discussion essay at least 500 words.(Please write an essay on the question below) 

           – Sociologically speaking, what are your reflections on Reading # 8– The Nacirema people? What are some                of their rituals? Please quote from the Reading. (3 pts)


           – What do you learn from this exercise? Who are the Naciremas? (2 pts)


           –  Can you apply cultural relativist point of view to this reading? why? Please quote from the textbook. (3 pts)



fourth, write reply my class mate’s discussion essay at least 300 words or more.(i uploaded.)

            – how do u think he/her discussion?

            – to use “I” or i think.. or ~~~




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