Posted: March 6th, 2021

Ethical issues in business | Management homework help

READ; “Ethical issues in business, Donaldson& Werhane

There are 5 cases

on the following pages:  101, 151, 156, 177, 250.

There are 3 authors:  Carr (136), Smith (163), and 
Carnegie (172).

There are 8 questions on the test, but each question

has 2 parts.  Here is the test:

For each of the 5 cases, answer the following:

     a.  Explain the moral issue(s) in the case.
     b.  Explain how the case should be resolved.
For each of the 3 authors, answer the following:
     a.  Explain the author’s argument.

     b.  Critically evaluate his argument.


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