Posted: March 6th, 2021

A company is going to build a new facility to manufacture bicycles.


An unexpected result of the Covid-19 pandemic is that there has been a dramatic increase in bicycle sales as people look for safe, outdoor activities. As a result, there is currently a global shortage of bicycles.

A company is going to build a new facility to manufacture bicycles. Your project team has been hired to perform a detailed analysis and design for a new bicycle manufacturing facility to take advantage of an increased demand from casual, recreational riders.

Due to limited access to the company personnel, your project team will need to research bicycle design and processing methods and make the best assumptions possible where data is not available, and within the available time for this assignment.

The Team Project Template will provide an outline of the general requirement and flow for the project.

This can be a very interesting project and will prepare you for completing an actual facility design if required in your professional career.

The following is key information for this project:

  • The product is beach cruiser style bicycles; 1 men’s style bicycle in 3 colors and 1 women’s style bicycle in same 3 colors. Beach cruisers are single speed, basic bicycles. Your bikes will only be made in one wheel-size of 26” to simplify production;
  • The company will construct and paint the bicycle frame from raw tubing; all other parts will be purchased components;
  • The company currently projects sale demand at 10,000 the first year of operation and 12,000 for subsequent years;
  • Provide space and facilities for support personnel (you need to determine what job functions will be required to your best ability);
  • The team must estimate realistic reject and rework rates;
  • Creating a box diagram on autocad

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