Posted: March 3rd, 2021

Group work final project – put knowledge management together and

Group Work Final Project

Select a company that doesn’t have KM platform. Based on the individual assignments “Part one”, consolidate all work to combine all functions needed to build a solid and well integrated KM platform. Put them together and state the scenario for the best Entreprise Architect for the new KM Platform you are suggesting. 

The outcome is a powerpoint of about 15 slides containing the following:

– Background about the company

– The storyboard of how the KM platform will help in supporting decision making

– The high-level functions should be connected to provide good knowledge among the resources of the company

– The scenario of how the knowledge will inserted, processed, and distributed

– What are the components of the KM that will be pulled or pushed by the KM platform

– What are some outputs that the resources on this company will be benefiting from? (Implicit and explicit outcomes)

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