Posted: March 3rd, 2021

Bus discussions 9,10,11 | Management homework help


Discussion 9,10,11

Please answer each question in full.

Each question does not need to exceed one paragraph.

Question 1

You are leading a project in which 25% of the team resides outside of your area. They are therefore considered to be virtual resources. Explain how you plan to keep them engaged with your project. Explain some of the challenges you may face in managing these virtual resources. Justify your response.

Question 2

After completing the questionnaire in Exhibit 13-3, page 329 of the Making the Team textbook, identify and discuss which identity—individual, relational, or collective—most affects your approach to work and, specifically, to your interactions with your team and company. Justify your response.

Question 3

Now, after completing the last 10 weeks in this course, identify the top three things you have learned from this course that will make you a better project manager in managing your team. Justify your response.

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