Posted: February 25th, 2021

The summary of two years are better than four

A Summary Is A Brief Piece Of Writing That Presents The Main Idea Of A Particular Reading

Good Advice

– Present main ideas in your own words

– No reactions…. no opinions…no personal experiences!!!!   None!!!!

– Include only the most important points.

– Leave out the author’s examples and supporting details.

– Only include the big ideas. That is why it is shorter than the original 

– Begin with the biggest idea.

– Include the author’s name, type of reading, and the reading’s title in the first sentence.

++++++++Do not use “ÿou”. I will explain.

Attributive tags-words that point to the original writer

Examples- Smith says, Smith Claims etc. 

-1 page summary only

-MLA Style

-DONE in 5-7hours

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