Posted: February 18th, 2021

Tm ppt 1. | BA 606 Team Management | Campbellsville University

Team Management PPT requirements  Part 1: Types of Teams

As a group, identify four (4) types of teams from chapter one in our textbook. (Begin with Manager Led Work Team) For each type of team, what are its characteristics? As a group, which of the teams do you mostly identify with and why? Support your presentation with appropriate references. Using APA format.

Part 2: Four challenges to teams

As a manager, how can being a virtual teams impacted your team’s performance? As a manager, in what ways does your current class team agree with or disagree with the list of frustrating aspects of teamwork listed on page 18. (You will need a team discussion for this.) As a manager, what three skills should you be able to provide the team you lead?  

Specific Instructions:

1. As a group, discuss requirements for Parts 1 and 2 above.

2. Develop power points. You power points should contain a minimum of 23 to 25 slides (excluding the cover page and reference page.

3. Use APA format throughout.

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