Posted: February 18th, 2021

The autobiography of benjamin franklin


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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Directions:  Answer the following questions from the text.  Make sure to give textual evidence when answering and write answers in complete sentences.

  1. What is Franklin’s original purpose in writing his autobiography?

2. What does Franklin mean when he describes himself as having a “bookish inclination” on page 227?

3.What did Franklin’s father want him to do to earn a living? How would Franklin accomplish this? Was Franklin agreeable?

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4. What made Franklin abandon writing poetry and how does he feel about that decision?

5, What “very bad habit” did Franklin develop with John Collins?

6. Did Franklin always believe in the side/position for which he argued?

7. What observations by Franklin’s father about his writing made him want to work to improve his writing skills? How did he accomplish this?

8. What did it mean for Franklin to “board” himself, and why did he wish to do this?

9. Based on his reactions to failure, what type of person was Franklin?

10. Based on Franklin’s readings and studies, what conclusions did he come to about the best ways to influence people?

11. Why does Franklin choose to leave Boston and where does he go?

12. What happens to Franklin’s and John Collins’ friendship?

13. Franklin and Ralph concocting a plan to do what? Why?

14. How does Franklin’s purpose change in Part Two?

15. Which virtue does Franklin struggle with the most? Why?

16. Which virtue does a friend of Franklin accuse him of lacking? Why? Do you find this to be true of Franklin?

17. Why does Franklin avoid including religion in his plan to improve himself? 

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