Posted: February 18th, 2021

Reflection based on provided material (deadline today 1.24.2021

The reflection questions can be found on the last slide. Reflection question tips are on the second-to-last slide. Please click through from the beginning

  1. Choose any contemporary media text (e.g. a film or television show) that is known for its visual diversity. Using the criteria provided by Kristen Warner, discuss whether or not you consider this text an example of “plastic representation.” (If you want to discuss Black is King, here is the place to do so!) (5 points)

2.Nicole Fleetwood contends that “professional sports and their commoditization of the black athletic body […] bring us face-to-face with the psychic and physical violence of the racial state that continually attempts to dominate and manipulate black bodies” (110). Identify and describe a sequence from OJ: Made in America, Part I, that you think illustrates, expands upon, or challenges Fleetwood’s argument. (5 points)

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