Posted: February 18th, 2021

Discussion 7 | phychology | Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis


Suppose you were interested in studying the effects of a new intervention, such as a training program, therapeutic approach, or reinforcement method. In your discussion post, you should develop details about the intervention to illustrate how you could examine it empirically. Discuss the intended use and the expected results of the intervention. Then, explain how you could apply either a specific between-subjects design or a within-subjects design to assess the effectiveness of the intervention. Be sure to address the following in your main post:

  • Which research design would you choose, and why?
  • What specific behaviors would you assess to determine whether the intervention is effective?
  • Who would you recruit to participate in the study, and why?
  • What is one benefit and one limitation of examining the intervention using this particular research design?

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