Posted: February 18th, 2021

Applying theory to a case


Below is a description of a case.  Please apply Ainsworth, Bowlby, or Erikson’s theory to explain what is going in the infant’s development.  Which theory do you think does the best job of illuminating the development of this child?  What are your reactions to this adoption?  Please note: there are discussion threads this week, and you need to post on both.

“All Monica and Kevin knew about Grace’s first year was that she had been deeply loved by her destitute, homeless mother,  Separation from her, followed by a long journey to an unfamiliar home, had left Grace in shock.  At first she was extremely sad, turning away when Monica or Kevin picked her up.  But as Grace’s new parents held her close, spoke gently, and satisfied her craving for food, Grace returned their affection.  Two weeks after her arrival, her despondency gave way to a sunny, easy-going disposition.  She burst into a wide grin, reached out at the sight of Monica and Kevin, and laughted at her her brother Eli’s funny faces.  As her second birthday approached, she pointed to herself, exclaiming, “Gwace!” and laid claim to treasured possessions.  “Gwace chicken!” she would announce at mealtimes, sucking the marrow from the drumstick, a practice she had brought with her from Cambodia.” (Berk, p. 183).

Berk, L.E. (2010). Development through the lifespan (5th ed.). Boston: Pearson.

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