Posted: February 18th, 2021

Analyze a sport organization’s reputation

Using the Corporate Reputation Quotient, select and analyze a sport organization’s reputation in the United States(e.g., league, team, manufacturer) and discuss which of the six elements are most or least important to their reputation. While opinions are welcomed, please be sure to support your ideas with the information gathered from the “Integrating Public Relations With Strategic Management” chapter in the textbook. This will require some research on the selected sport entity to provide an analysis of the organization’s reputation using the Corporate Reputation Quotient. The analysis should be between 250 to 350 words. Direct quotes are absolutely prohibited and will be severely punished if used in your work. Thus, synthesize the information discussed in the chapter as it pertains to the Corporate Reputation Quotient, provide an analysis in your own words, and then properly credit the source. You will be graded on the depth of your analysis by demonstrating an understanding of how to utilize the Corporate Reputation Quotient, incorporating information from the class textbook in your evaluation, and grammar. Please be sure to include in-text citations and a reference section at the end of your initial post on the discussion board. Citations and references must be APA formatted. To properly format your citations and references in the APA format, please use the following

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