Posted: February 17th, 2021

Python/it: steganography – multi-variate encoding


Python/IT: Steganography – Multi-Variate Encoding

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate steganographic encryption using Python.

  1. Locate and obtain the collaged photo from Topic 6.
  2. Encrypt the simple text message “Gotcha!” into the photo.
  3. Use the completed collage photo from Topic 6.
  4. Generate a secret text message.
  5. Use Python to create and implement a steganography algorithm that will embed the message within the collage photo.
  6. Within the same code, prompt the user to encode or decode the steganography algorithm and provide the decode functionality to match.

Submit the following in compressed, zip file format:

  1. Your Python program.  naming convention is: Example: dharalson
  2. At least one screen capture demonstrating that your program was functional.
  3. ZIP file naming convention is:

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