Posted: February 15th, 2021

Self reflection appendix b | Nursing homework help

make an Essay about Advance Pharmacology class should be a Student Course Self-Reflection (Guided Essay) Learners must complete a final applied self-reflection essay on their performance of the course based on the documents and artifacts provided in the performance portfolio. This essay must include at least 5 paragraphs and be limited to a maximum of 2 pages. 1. What have you learned in the course that will help you continue to grow as a professional in your chosen career? 2. Which specific assignment for this course was your best work? Name one. What makes it your best work? What did you learn by creating it? What does it say about you as a student in regards to your degree concentration? How do you plan to use it in your field? 3. In which area(s) will you likely continue to strengthen your knowledge or competencies? 4. Which strategies did you use to learn the material in this course?, Which were the most effective? Why? 5. How did your communication skills improved with this course? Discuss new vocabulary, the style of the profession (writing and oral), others. 

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