Posted: February 15th, 2021

Deviance, race and gender | Sociology homework help


Choose five (7) questions to answer.  Answer to the best of your ability using discipline-specific content and in-class discussions. Rewrite the questions you are answering. All parts of the question must be answered to receive full points.

1. . Define deviance.  b. Is deviance a universal human behavior? Are norms dictating deviance universal or they different for all societies? What is the conflict and functionalist perspectives on deviance and social control?

2. a. Define the term sanction.  b. State the two types of sanctions and provide examples.

3. Is race a myth or a reality? Compare institutional and individual discrimination. Explain two (2) sociological theories for prejudice.

4. State three theories that symbolic interactionists use to analyze deviance and conformity and explain one.

5. a. Define gender.  b. In what ways are our agents of socialization responsible for the formation of gender? How do conflict theorists and functionalists compare in their view of gender? Explain two forms of gender inequality.

6. Generally, from the period of hunters and gatherers to postindustrial society what happened to the status of men and women?  Explain

7. What is feminism? Explain the significance of the three (3) waves of feminism and state which one resonates with you the most and why?

8. How does social stratification impact how we think about or socially construct norms defining conformity and deviance?

9. Reflect on how gender, race, and ethnicity, are instrumental in constructions of beauty in the US.  Explain the societal consequences of these constructions?

10. Compare moral and legal explanations with medicalized explanations of deviance.

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