Posted: February 10th, 2021

Project management organizational framework paper

Assignment Part 2: Paper : DO NOT USE ANOTHER STUDENT WORK!!!

The most significant component of the project budget, as we have observed, is derived from the assigned resources. However, resources are not the only source of project costs. Costs may be direct, indirect, fixed, and variable. Using resources in this module as well as the Aspen library and Internet, describe the process of creating a project budget. Identify all costs—especially costs beyond assigned resources—that should and should not be included in the project.

The paper should include:

  1. Five pages of content
  2. Describe the project budget process
  3. Identify what should and should not be included in the overall project budget.
  4. Provide your rationale for costs you choose to include in the project.
  5. Minimum of five references
  6. APA formatting

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