Posted: February 10th, 2021

Mini research proposal | Political Science homework help

1 to 3 sentence clear, assertive, compelling proposal (worth 100 points)

Course topics include: -institution -social conflict -politics -government -power -authority -referendum -initiative -public services -autocracy -monarchy -divine right theory -dictatorship -democracy and more..

choose a topic to do a research project on (i recommend social conflict). This project consists of:

1. Proposal

2. Progress report: 1-2-page progress update: problems, promise

3) Final research paper and references: 5-7 page + minimum 3 citations APA style insightful research paper

4) Formal presentation – oral and graphic: 5-8-minute oral presentation to class, with or without graphic or internet support, entertaining queries from class.

This posting is for the proposal ONLY

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