Posted: February 10th, 2021

Critical thinking | History homework help

Using the textbook, An Examined Life: Critical Thinking and Ethics Today, provide real-world examples of 3 of the fallacies listed in chapter 16.

For example, the Appeal to Nature- if one claims that anything that is natural, is good ( or better than something else) then they may be committing the fallacy of appeal to nature.

An example of this is a show on Discovery channel called, Naked and Afraid. On the show, survivalists spend 21 days in remote locations without anything- including clothes. Few, even those participating on the show, would argue that using clothing ( which is technical, unnatural) is inherently bad because it is not natural.

Be sure to:

  • Address the prompt(s) fully (write a 3 paragraph);
  • Use standard English and grammar in all postings.

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