Posted: February 10th, 2021

Applying benchmarks or standards to assessment


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In this question, you will continue to build the Assessment of Learning Plan(that is attached). You have designed learning outcomes and explained the strategies you will use to measure student or trainees’ achievement of those learning outcomes. Now, you will explain the standards or targets that will be used to determine what constitutes successful achievement of these learning outcomes.

It may be helpful to think of standards in terms of what results you would be happy with from a group of students or trainees. What level of achievement would students need to achieve (as a whole) in order for you to consider the learning to be successful?

 You’ll construct a draft of the component of your plan in which you identify appropriate standards for your assessment effort, and discuss the appropriateness of standards and benchmarks set by yourself and other students. 


Read the following articles. They provide valuable information regarding benchmarks or standards.

  • Suskie, L. (2015, March 23). Setting meaningful benchmarks or standards. A Common Sense Appr​oach to Assessment in Higher Education. —–



After reading Chapter 22 of Assessing Student Learning and Suskie’s Setting Meaningful Benchmarks or Standards blog post, consider the benchmarks, standards, or targets that are most logically suited to establish “a clear definition of what constitutes successful outcomes” for your own plan to assess learning (Suskie, 2018, p. 288). As you do, remember the purpose of assessment: to interpret and use the results of the assessment effectively and appropriately to promote improvement and accountability.


Construct a draft of the component of your Plan in which you identify appropriate standards for your assessment effort. Explain why the standards you set are appropriate and how they are to be applied. Be sure to reference the literature to support the decisions you made about the standards you have set, making an academic argument for the importance of setting standards.

In the table attached, complete the third column with the standards you set for each learning outcome (The first columns should include the learning outcomes. The second column should include the learning assessment strategy you selected to measure achievement of each learning outcome.). The third column should now include a standard you set for achievement of each learning outcome.

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