Posted: February 6th, 2021

Five people who were convicted of speeding were ordered by the

     Five   people who were convicted of speeding were ordered by the court to attend   a workshop. A special device put into   their cars kept records of their speeds for   two weeks before and after the workshop.   The maximum speeds for each person   during the two weeks before and the two   weeks after the workshop follow.   Participant Before After   L. B. 65 58   J. K. 62 65   R .C. 60 56   R. T. 70 66   J. M. 68 60   Using the .05 significance level, should   we conclude that people are likely to   drive more slowly after such a workshop?   (a) Use the steps of hypothesis testing.   (b) Sketch the distributions involved.   (c) Explain your answer to someone   who is familiar with hypothesis testing   involving known populations, but has   never learned anything about t tests.    

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