Posted: February 4th, 2021

What i have learned in this class memo

You will create a memo that discusses what you have learned about good business writing this semester. 

But first, go to NC LIVE and find the article by Natalie Canavor and Claire Meirowitz entitled “Good Corporate Writing: Why It Matters and What To Do.”


  • no more than 1 full page
  • Must include the appropriate MEMO format (header and message).
  • Must use an appropriate style.
  • Must include an introduction that identifies the subject, purpose, and point of the correspondence.
  • Must include a body that discusses what you’ve learned this semester.
  • Must utilize page design features (headings, bullets, lists, appropriate font type and size, etc.).
  • Must include a conclusion that thanks the readers, restates the main point, and looks to the future.
  • Must include at least two quotations from the article that will add to your own views.
  • Must include appropriately formatted MLA 8 style in-text citations.
  • Must include an appropriately formatted MLA 8 style Work Cited page. (Note: Remember that NC LIVE will give you the WC format for the article.)

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