Posted: February 4th, 2021

Special occasion speech | English homework help

Special Occasion Speech (Tribute Presentation): A special occasion speech designed to introduce the audience to a person worthy of examination by a large audience whose primary social significance is post-1970. You may use PowerPoint, the Elmo system or other suitable media for your visual/ presentational aids (though you may supplement your speech with additional aids); visual aids are purely optional for this speech. The length of the speech will be 6-7 minutes. The content of the speech is to be decided by you. You should select an individual who you feel is worthy of informing others about. Please note that this should be primarily about their social significance and not just a biographical sketch. It should also have some legitimate and demonstrable impact on your audience for the speech. You should use a public figure; please, don’t argue how your dad could beat up their dad. You will be expected to have a balanced and comprehensive methodology; ALL information taken from a specific source should be properly attributed.

My topic will be Barack Obama please read rubric and requires 3 scholarly citations. 

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