Posted: February 4th, 2021

Reflective exercise | Government homework help


Purpose: Analyze how Sergeants Major assist in the development of organizations and leaders to 

achieve results by integrating leadership competencies and experience into an organizational-level leadership position.

Assignment: Write 4-5-page substantive essay adhering to the appropriate APA writing standards, not including the title page or reference page, demonstrating an understanding of three ELOs presented during term from each of the three modules (pick one ELO from each module). As you write, think about what the major takeaways from the ELO’s and as a future graduate of the course the applicability are. 

The goal of this reflection is not to rewrite what you have previously written about in the 

preceding three modules verbatim from your module journal assignments.

The outcome of this reflective exercise is to provide you an opportunity to reflect on the material presented and its application as a Sergeant Major. If you are unable to select three different ELOs than what you have previously written about. Take the ones you have written about and reflect on how 

they apply as a Sergeant Major and describe how you would apply them along with an accurate example to demonstrate your level of understanding through analysis, self-reflection and self-awareness.

Additionally, this reflection exercise will serve as a conduit for your course capstone oral presentation (C600) that you will present during Phase III of the resident course. In reviewing the ELOs, write how you can employ the lessons learned as a graduate of the Sergeants Major Course. 

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