Posted: February 4th, 2021

Entrepreneurship and new ventures | Business & Finance homework help

Question: Complete Exercise 2 beginning on page 243, titled Ethical Decisions—What Would You Do?

Be sure to answer all questions for each of the three scenarios below. 

Rim Job

1.  Were Jeremy’s actions ethical? Why or why not? 

2.  What should he have done? 

Empty Suits

1.  Was Fred being ethical? Why or why not? 

2.  How should he have handled the situation? 

A Moving Disclosure

  1. Was Susan ethical? Why or why not? 

Summary Questions

  1. What are the implications and lessons from your discussion of the three cases? 
  2. What role do ethical issues play in forming a team, selecting advisors and investors, and other entrepreneurial activities? 

In addition, provide a summary of the major concepts presented in the course that are essential in the creation of a new business venture that is sustainable, ethical, and successful.

Note: I have attached the case pdf for the completion of answer. 

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