Posted: February 4th, 2021

Brand analysis | Management homework help

Objective:  Brand Competitor Analysis

Choose a fashion brand competitor (for your brand brand) and create a presentation that describes, analyzes and evaluates the brand mission, identity, image, positioning and retail/e-tail execution of the brand. Conduct relevant primary and secondary research and use the wide array of analog and digital resources at your disposal. WHAT IS YOUR POINT OF DIFFERENTIATION?

**This project requires a visual presentation**

Evaluate Brand Strategy

  • Brand Mission: In addition to the brand’s published statement about their mission, which you will likely find on their website, consider reaching out to the brand to conduct a short interview in store, via email or Skype. The larger the brand, the easier it may be to find existing information, while on the other hand, smaller brands will likely be more open and available to speaking to you directly.
  • Brand Identity: Consider the brand’s touch points including but not limited to their website, social media channels and retail environment (see retail instructions below).
    1. Investigate how the brand talks about themselves
      1. What they say and how they say it (tone of voice)
      2. Stylistic and symbolic aspects of their visual and verbal communication.
    2. Go beyond the description to discuss what is significant about how they express their identity and what it may tell you about how they see themselves.
      1. Consider reaching out to the brand to ask them directly about their identity.
      2. Include a ‘brand onion’.
  • Brand Image: For this section you will need access to consumer perceptions of the brand.
  1. You may be able to find this information through secondary research but it is likely that you will need to conduct some original primary research
  2. interviews, focus groups or social listening.
  • Brand Positioning: Consider the brand in relation to its competitors,
    1. How the brands position themselves explicitly (e.g. how they describe their positioning)
    2. What you can surmise from reviewing their product offering, where they sell, who follows them on social media, etc. Include a brand positioning map.

Cite your sources (both text and image) Your presentation should be well-structured and designed in line with the brand’s aesthetic.

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