Posted: February 4th, 2021

Anyone willing to write a 4 page casual analysis?

Rubric down below

Identify a problem you’ve experienced (examples: bullying, absentee parents, alcoholism in home, dealing with life-threatening diseases in the family) and explore several possible causes to it. 4-5 pages, double-spaced, including the following primary sections:

• Introduction: Share one experience you’ve had with the problem and provide evidence that shows how big the problem is, about 1 page.

• Analysis: Explore several possible causes, introducing each through a particular resource and providing additional research to corroborate and challenge the possibility, about 2 pages

• Conclusion: Note the most likely cause(s) based solely on your analysis, and suggest the most likely effects if we do nothing, about 1⁄2 page.

• Works Cited: Document the resources used in your paper, about 1⁄2 page.

For this essay you will need an article on the problem which you plan to explore, and

possibly more depending upon the causes.


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