Posted: February 4th, 2021

4 discussion | Management homework help

  4 Discussion. Needs 200 words initial Post for each and two4 replies for each. I will send replies later. 

Discussion 1 (Transportation Execution; Railroads)

What are the implications of the future of fabrication (e.g., 3-D printing) and autonomous trains (e.g., driverless locomotives) for international trade, transportation, and logistics?

Discussion 2 (Risk Management; Airlines)

What are the challenges that face air transportation carriers and shippers? In your opinion, how can these risks be mitigated?

We have covered numerous costs that affect the transportation industry. Pick one of them and find 3 instances where you can find evidence to support your choice.

From your readings this week or outside research, pick one type of pollution impact, therefore, air, noise or ecosystem to address the issue of cost. How would one go about quantifying the impact of such a pollution method. Also, identify which transportation mode would be the most likely contributor to the pollution impact of your choice.

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