Posted: February 4th, 2021

3-4 paragraphs needed | PSYC 4002 – Brain and Behavior | Walden University

3-4 paragraphs 

Post your thoughts about whether or not animals are conscious or aware of their actions. First, describe what you mean by aware or conscious. These terms have many meanings, so it would be good to be clear about how you are using the term. Then, based on the Learning Resources, describe higher cognitive functions in animals in terms of language, learning and memory, tool use, planning, or other similar functions. What do these functions in animals tell us about higher cognitive functions in humans? Justify your answer by referencing the scientific literature and this week’s Learning Resources. Then, weigh in on the value and ethics of conducting animal research on complex mental abilities. Again, explain and justify your responses with references to the scientific literature and this week’s Learning Resources. While you are welcome to include a short anecdote about a pet to support your answer, please use scientific sources to justify your positions.

References MUST come from Both sources listed: 

  1. The attached PDF- Animals think, therefore…; Animal minds
  2. The attached PDF-The ethics of animal research: a survey of the public and scientists in North America

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