Posted: February 1st, 2021

Phil final paper | PHILOSOPHY 1301 | Lone Star College System


Research Paper Instructions.

Due: December 2, 2020 by midnight

Length:  8-10 pages

Students are required to write a research paper on living a balanced life in philosophy.  The research paper grade final submission.  The paper is roughly 8-10 pages in length and all citations must be made in Chicago Manual Style (CMS). Use Aristotle as a philosopher.

A good paper with do the following:  

  • Introduce a specific philosophical problem to be discussed 
  • Thoroughly explain the philosophical arguments
  • Utilize quotations in an appropriate manner for interpreting complex arguments
  • Use clear statements and syntax
  • Have a clear thesis.
  • Discuss potential counterarguments, and/or address key assumptions
  • Define important terms
  • Cite sources for quotations, paraphrasing, or as references.
  • Include a Bibliography 
  • Follow CMS guidelines

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