Posted: February 1st, 2021

It is written by emilio aguinaldo and is titled “aguinaldo’s case


It is written by Emilio Aguinaldo and is titled “Aguinaldo’s Case Against the United States,” 

1.) When Aguinaldo states, “government by consent in America, government by force in the Philippine Islands…” what is he basing this comparison upon? 

2.) When Aguinaldo states, “We have been represented by your popular press as if we were Africans or Mohawk Indians?” Whose image of Africans and Mohawks is he using? What do you think of him using non-white Americans as a point of comparison?

3.) In his final metaphor, Aguinaldo compares English colonists to Filipino colonists: “treat us exactly as you demanded to be treated at the hands of England when you rebelled against her autocratic methods.”

Why is Aguinaldo making this comparison? What is his intention? 


1.) How does he justify world domination by Anglo-Saxons over the rest of the globe?
2.) Tie this document to the theme of late 19th-century imperialism.

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