Posted: February 1st, 2021

Forensic investigation using autopsy tool

Conduct a forensics investigation.

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Consider using an image from the Internet or a personal device. There could be issues related to using a live, active, personal device (example: corruption of the device). If using a personal device, consider using an old, outdated phone, if available.

Use Autopsy tool to gather forensics data for analysis. You are simulating the process of gathering this data, so you do not need to investigate a compromised device or system. The project deliverables are as follows:

The paper should provide the following information: 

· Executive Summary of your investigation, including a description of the device or systems and the Autopsy tool used for the forensics analysis.

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· Step-by-step description you used to gather data for analysis

· Report on the information that was obtainable from the device

· Graphics evidence that you conducted the forensics data gathering and analysis

The paper should be in a form that would be used for reporting to a court or a law enforcement agency. Be sure to provide graphics evidence of your forensics investigation effort (Screenshots, reports, etc.). References should be in APA format.

 5 pages document with screen shots of the process

Answer all the questions mentioned

APA format and need minimum 5 scholarly references

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