Posted: February 1st, 2021

Cryptography and network security | Electrical Engineering homework help


Homework final


Question: Write a program in MATLAB or C/C++ that can encrypt and decrypt using S-DES (simplified DES).

Test data: Use plaintext, ciphertext and the key of problem 3.18. Put comments on your program script and send me a zip file with all of the program files and your results (output screen capture) pages, with your name as the file name.

3.18 Using S-DES, decrypt the string (10100010) using the key (0111111101) by hand.

Show intermediate results after each function (IP, Fk, SW, Fk, IP-1). Then decode the

first 4 bits of the plaintext string to a letter and the second 4 bits to another letter

where we encode A through P in base 2 (i.e., A = 0000, B = 0001,…, P = 1111).


Modify your S-DES program which you created last week to work in triple-S-DES mode. Submit your software and print out of your output screen.


Please follow the link below to start your AES lab assignment. The lab report is due by Sunday.

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