Posted: January 25th, 2021

Product development | Computer Science homework help



EXHIBIT 1-3Attributes of five products and their associated development efforts. All figures are approximate, based on publicly available information and company sources.


Chapter 1: Exercise 2

Create a set of scatter charts by plotting each of the rows in Exhibit 1-3 against the development cost row. For each one, explain why there is or is not any correlation. (For example, you would first plot “annual production volume” versus “development cost” and explain why there seems to be no correlation. Then repeat for each of the remaining rows.)


Chapter 2: Exercise 2, Thought Question 2

Define a process for finding a job. For what types of endeavor does a well-defined process enhance performance?


Is there an analogy between a university and a product development organization? Is a university a functional or project organization?

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