Posted: January 25th, 2021

Option #1: case study: nortel networks corporation

 Case study: Nortel Networks Corporation

Read the Case Study: Nortel Networks Corporation: Ethical Missteps. (Links to an external site.)

  1. After reading the case study, describe the ethical breach that was entered into by leadership at Nortel.
  2. Use the three components of the Fraud Triangle to evaluate the actions of the leadership.
  3. Describe how the tone at the top contributed to this fraudulent activity.
  4. How did the Audit Committee and Board fail in their responsibilities?
  5. Describe how various stakeholders (employees, stockholders, and the community) would have been affected by the actions of those in leadership.


Review the Module 5 Critical Thinking Rubric for full details on how you will be graded on this assignment.

Reference: Robinson, L. (2005) Nortel Networks Corporation: Ethical Missteps. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: University of Waterloo. Retrieved from

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