Posted: January 25th, 2021

Competitive marketing | Marketing homework help

For a Small town Seafood Restaurant, provide an analysis of demographic and economic environments affecting marketing, thus providing an assessment of the competitive environment you would be operating in.

Discuss some of the current demographic and economic trends, such as the changing age structure of the population, increased diversity, global economic patterns, and consumer spending patterns. Evaluate and critique the impact of changing and/or sustained trends and how they would impact your marketing plan for the business. As a part of your analysis, address the following:

·  Define your business; nature, clientele, location, purpose, etc. 

·  How have these different trends affected the hospitality industry?

·  How has this affected marketing for the hospitality industry? 

·  In relation to the industry of your business [foodservice or lodging for example], has the demographic characteristics of representative customers changed in commercials to reflect increased diversity or to reflect shifting importance of value in relation to price when the economy is in flux? 

The writing should not be limited to the above elements, they are just elements to include. 

Use outside research to provide validation, corroboration, or contrasting perspectives in order to support your perspective.

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