Posted: January 24th, 2021

Answer the survey quations .short 3 answers | MDMT | 160over90, Inc

It is important that I learn from you regarding the course materials (synchronous lectures, asynchronous lectures, handouts, examples, etc.) we covered in past sessions.  With that in mind, I have designed the following questionnaire.  I will appreciate your feedback by 11:59 pm on Sunday (October 4).  If you answered “No” to a question, pleased don’t answer the follow up questions pertaining to that question to maintain the integrity of your responses.  It is important that you complete viewing the asynchronous lecture assuming that you have attended the Synchronous class held on September 30.  Participating in the survey will count toward your participation points.

Q-6- what would you like to learn more in reference to the synchronous lecture?

Q-if you present ,what did you learn that you did not learn before ?

Q- if you complete listening to. th synchronous lecture ,what did you learn you did not learn prior to this  class?


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