Posted: January 21st, 2021

Hemingway college case study | Management homework help

Need this in a memo format, Start with an Introduction to the Assignment, and provide some background to the case concerns.

Answer all appropriate questions.

End with a concluding section that includes your specific learning from the assignment.

Use Sections if your paper is over three pages long.  Write well and use good organization and paragraphs.  Avoid use of first person writing and dangling participles

Grading Rubric:

Hemingway College Case (2)

Criteria Ratings Pts

Highlighted Case Dilemma/Main Case Issue that faces Companies or Businesses.


10.0 pts

Extensive Pros/Cons discussion and presented in an understandable fashion


15.0 pts

Appropriate Implementation Plan and Process


15.0 pts

Well written and presented. Double spaced, 12 pt font. Good use of paragraphs.


10.0 pts

Total Points: 50.0


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