Posted: January 21st, 2021

9pg paper- building a backdoor to the iphone: an ethical dilemma

Students are required to complete and submit responses to the Instructor provided assignment questions responding to the “Building a Backdoor to the iPhone: An Ethical Dilemma.”

Please use APA style, minimum 3,000 words (around 9 pages). Please invest the time necessary to study the case in detail and provide a thoughtful response that adequately covers the unique depth and breadth of the case. You are required to incorporate at least five external sources in your responses to the questions and you should consider including any additional comments or suggestions that you deem beneficial.

What dilemmas did Tim Cook face?

What were Cook’s primary responsibilities, which would have influenced his decision to refuse to succumb to U.S Government pressure to build a backdoor to the iPhone?

Examine the contradiction in the responsibilities, if any.

Using Badaracco’s framework, assess the ways in which Tim Cook may have resolved these dilemmas.

What should Tim Cook have done?

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