Posted: January 21st, 2021

2. triad: the changing environment of business through social media – | ORGB 601


2. Triad: The changing environment of business through social media 15%

Create a PowerPoint presentation that you will deliver to the class on the changes being brought about by social media and virtual technology – changed in culture, in climate, in how we form relationships, and how we maintain them. This presentation is to reflect the depth of a ten-page research paper condensed and made visual for the audience in a 12 -18 slides presentation with extensive speaking notes. You have 20 minutes to present. 

Your task is to explain the changing environment. Research the impact of social media on marketing, the dominance of social media marketing by what the US government is admitting are monopolies, the value of data. The corporate assessment of the “forced virtual work” – who is adapting quickly and successfully to it. 

Given the above what are the changing internal communication landscape in business, in particular, the use of social media to hold conduct business  and maintain and create relationships in within and outside of the organization  such as meetings, distribute information, use in marketing strategies. The changing culture for example uses of social media even just email can level the power distances within a company, and the impact on the culture of the organization. 

Provide one company as an example, examine how this company has adapted its social media practices over time, and how this has impacted organizational culture and performance. 

You should have approximately 12-18 slides, do not provide a lot of writing on the slides. Use the slides to visually represent your concept and link to the key words.  In your presentation, use plenty of graphics to support your ideas and include a title slide, and reference slide to complete the assignment. 

You will provide notes under the slides to support your presentation.  Down below in the “Notes” section you write your presentation detail notes with sources in APA style citation format and frequency.  You must access and use – 3 peer reviewed Articles  and text and Incorporate this information into your presentation and notes.

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