Posted: January 2nd, 2021

Week 3 | English homework help



Watch/listen to/take notes on (which means you might need to watch more than once in order to take notes) theses short videos:

Watch: Corey Anton: “On Being a Reader:

Watch: How to Read a Book with Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren:

Read: Chapter 4: General Education at MMCC by Barry Alford.

Discussion forum  2 DF 2 (updated 9/16)  Reflect on your reading/viewing and join the conversation! Bring something to the party!
Write: In at least a couple of paragraphs,
~ tell us a story about yourself as a reader in regard to your reading/viewing of the resources for this week. Or, if you do not want to write about yourself, write about reading as a threshold concept. Explain what Miller says a threshold concept is and why it is troublesome (from the title). Explain what reading has to do with General education.
Include a quote or two with signal phrases to lead into them.

~Talk about how Miller used sources (to show what you noticed) and what her message is. Why does she want you to think about her ideas? 

To recap:
Tell us a story about an aspect of reading or writing as a threshold concept: share your insights, enter the conversation, listen to the voices (a good suggestion from a couple of the sources) and use them in your story. Illustrate it if you want!

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