Posted: January 2nd, 2021

English | Article writing homework help


Answer each of the questions below. You can add as much detail as you wish. Be sure your answers are clearly understood by the reader. Remember, you choose the correct words, you choose the number (NOT amount!) of words to use. Your goal is to make your ideas clear and communicate your understanding of the questions to the reader. This is good practice using a couple of key ideas explored in the reading from today’s lecture.

Make sure your homework LOOKS GOOD! Creating a visually appealing DOCUMENT should be a concept you are familiar with from other writing classes. A clear, easy to follow document will always aid in communication and understanding. 

1. There are many different forms of communication. What form is your favorite? In other words, which form are you most comfortable using and why? Give an example where this form of communication helped you succeed.

2. Consider our communication class your audience. Even though we have never met as a group, you can assume we are a diverse group. In what ways would our class be similar? In what ways would we be diverse? Be as specific as possible.

3. Consider your future career. Then identify a couple of different scenarios for that career in which you may be called on to speak to a large group. 

4. The book’s author claims, “Oral language tends to be less formal than written language.” Explain what this means. Then explain WHY our speaking is less formal than our writing.

5. Rewrite the sentences BELOW removing all the vague wordiness. Use concrete words and concise language instead.

a. It has come to my attention that a few of you have not done the stuff that was assigned last week.

b. As you already know, the class will have another on-line meeting next week sometime.

c. This thing going around has been tough on everyone.

d. The people who live in this neighborhood have been asking several questions about the policies.

e. The ______________  are the greatest band in the history of music. My favorite songs include_____________, _______________, and ___________________.

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