Posted: January 2nd, 2021

Case study for ethics | Management homework help

Reaction papers shall 1) State the various sides of an issue; 2) present your position on the issue supported with a clear rationale based upon the readings and other sources you may consult; 3) conclude your paper with a strong and compelling statement for your position



                   A reaction paper simply requires you to read the assigned articles in the attachments b-1 and e 1 , reflect upon the


arguments made and communicate your personal position on the issue.  You should: 1) begin


with a brief summary of the two authors, 2) state your position on the issue and make a case for


that position and 3) make a compelling conclusion to drive home your point.   Your position


should be based upon the ideas of the authors and additional sources you may bring to the





the paper should not be more that 1 page 

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