Posted: January 1st, 2021

Eng 1a american dream essay

 The essay should be a minimum of 2.5 pages ( maximum of 5 pages), double spaced and include a works cited page. Use quotes from sources you read or listened to last week or use outside sources. Only 2 are required. Be creative, take risks, use your voice and speak your truth. This is your unique view on the American Dream as you see it today and for your generation. Stay focused on your generation or on one aspect of the newest generation or some combination showing the difference between your generation and the newest. Of course this all depends on your age.  Keep the focus, small and specific so you can dive deeper into analysis. You can think of this essay as a small letter, a speech or a magazine article with a specific audience. Whatever works to help you focus and not get too general.  Be original and engaging. Set out to capture a small glimpse of the larger picture. You will not be able to write about everything, so focus on one aspect the same way the author and speaker from last week did. 

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